Murata today introduced a series of DC panel meters developed for industrial and laboratory voltage and current measurement applications. The miniaturized DMR35 series includes a +48V common-mode input range and is powered from a 9-32VDC external source. Building on that, it provides a unique bar-graph display of up to 3.5 digits that accompany a traditional numeric panel meter. Designed to fit into a 2.25” mounting hole, the products are a mechanical drop-fit replacement for many popular analog panel meters. Additionally, they deliver IP66 environmental protection at the front mounting surface when used with the combined gasket.

Another exclusive feature includes a bar-graph readout coupled with the digital absolute value to provide a fast response, analog-like movement to aid in rapidly changing measurements. Further, voltmeters offer an expansive DC voltage measurement range from 0 to 50Vdc or ±5V & ±50Vdc. The meters can be configured for current measurements from 50uA-25A with internal shunt resistors and 5-500A for external.

“By leveraging proprietary architectural design, custom displays, package design, and assembly techniques, the DMR35 line offers the highest reliability and performance levels available throughout the industry. The end result is a class-leading solution that delivers accuracy and at-a-glance-reading features at an attractive price point,” said Bill Smith, Director – Product Line Management, Murata Power Solutions

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DMR35-DCA Series

DMR35-DCA3 Series 

DMR35-DCxA Series

DMR35-DCV Series

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