In 1964 Gordon Moore, cofounder of Fairchild and Intel wrote a paper predicting the number of transistors in an IC would double every 2 years. Moore’s Law has certainly held true bringing in improvements in microprocessors (MPUs) and microcontrollers (MCUs) that has been nothing short of astounding. Processor performance has increased while size and power have been reduced to levels almost unimaginable back then.

For the past 25+ years, G2 has been on the forefront of bringing these amazing improvements to designers here in the Southeast. From both 8-, 16-and 32-bit MCU’s to ARM and MIPs based MCU’s and MPU’s, G2 has helped enable engineers select the most optimal processors for their applications.

Processors are a key part of every design. From choosing the best 16-bit DSP for industrial motor control designs to the most secure 32-bit ARM processors for IOT applications, G2’s technical experience in processor architectures has been a critical element to supporting suppliers and customers.

We understand the technology.
We know the applications.
We have strong relationships with the designers and key decision makers.
We help secure the design.
We are passionate about winning.