Smart Grid

Smart Grid

Technological advancements with Gas, Water and Electric meters enable advanced data to be shared real time with end consumers.  This enables us to make better decisions of resource consumption.

Time of Use, Peak usage and Fault detection, are some key care about for Electric meters.

In addition to accuracy and reliability, Gas and Water meters are also concerned with 20 year battery life.

Two way communication is key for providing data to Utilities and Municipalities.  This is accomplished via PLC, 900MHz RF, BPL and public networks.

For priding real time data to consumers, WiFi, Zigbee and other LAN networks are deployed.

Residential volumes in NA exceed 20M end point deployments per year. Long design cycles require targeted, strategic sales with a vision of the future.

Product reliability and longevity are instrumental to build a lasting grid.

G2 has gained extensive experience over the past 25 years selling solutions to dozens of smart grid companies in the Southeast.

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